Before constructing a structure, it is critical to consider architectural design.

Nigerians have a habit of laying the foundation for a building without considering the architectural design. Especially in the megacity of Lagos, where there is never enough land. Furthermore, beautiful architecture is sometimes disregarded when it has the potential to improve our lives in unanticipated ways.

Prior to aesthetics, a good architectural design prioritizes functionality. The owner’s or renter’s wants should be met by the structure. There are many properties with superfluous extras such as a pool, a bar, and extra rooms.

These items do provide the impression of luxury, but do they genuinely fulfill a need? Couldn’t that area have been put to better use? These are the types of questions that should be addressed throughout the architectural design phase before a structure is constructed. Also, the area where you wish to build your home may have a specific design pattern, as seen in places like Lekki, Victoria Island, and many other high-end estates.

All of these variables lead to the need for an architectural design prior to constructing anything. Architectural design is the plan for a structure that is safe, practical, and can withstand the test of time, in addition to adhering to the buildings in the neighborhood. After that, the architect applies his or her artistic sensibility to make each structure unique. Before you start constructing a structure, consider the following three factors.


People often desire a structure that will manage a space, but they also want a structure that overkills. You’ve probably encountered constructions with a lot of compartments but little space, as well as ones with a lot of space but no compartments. In all cases, the building developer failed to evaluate the practicalities of the project. Some constructions should be constructed for display and left alone, but if you’re searching for a house design, it must be functional and sensible for people to live in. Architects not only design houses to their clients’ tastes, but they also work to make them practical. That is, your structure won’t be too little to live in, nor will it be too strange to scare people away.

Also, if it’s for a business, you’d want a design that’s both cost-effective and conducive to economic flow. If you want to attract middle-class consumers, your restaurant shouldn’t seem like a palace. Where will the building be built, for example? What is the company’s goal? What can you do to boost traffic and profits? All of these elements will be included in an architectural design for your business by a qualified architect.


Your building’s architectural design offers it a distinct personality. It’s when you dress up and someone compliments you on how good you look, and it’s the same with a structure. Your building should have a touch of innovation, art, and beauty unless it follows a specific pattern in a specific location. In reality, good architectural designs strengthen communities by resulting in healthier neighborhoods and businesses. Aesthetics are why clients seek out architects in the first place when it comes to buildings. And, as is customary in culture, good architectural designs leave a lasting impression.


A sense of balance is created by good architectural design for both you and the environment you’re in. The building flow must be logical in order for your building to be easy to navigate. There are assertions that good structural design brings people’s lives into balance and makes them more efficient.

A well-planned hospital, for example, will ensure that patients are treated quickly, a well-built school will provide a location for better learning, and effectively constructed workplaces will boost productivity, and so on.

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