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Why Cash Trust?

1. Cash Trust is your Safety Net, perfect tool to avoid probate.

2. Able to provide emergency CASH to compliment Estate Planning.

3. Cash that earns reasonable return yet placed outside the system.

4. The LAW: Legacy, Asset Protection & Wealth Preservation.

5. Achieve perfect Wealth Distribution solely based on your wish.

6. Ultimately Assets & Wealth can inherited to 3 generation

How To Invest in Cash Trust?

1. Very simple, look for me to have FREE consultation. If satisfy & agree, just complete the application process. Then shift your saving from bank, EFP maturity or Insurance maturity and park it into our GATB company bank custodian account which is similarly safe & secure like all these institution.

2. A Trust Deed will be given which consist of all the Term & Condition to ensure all your WHY will be fulfil.

What Is Cash Trust?

1. The name of this organisation is known as Global Assets trustee ( M ) Berhad. A license trust company in Malaysia since 1997, approve by the Ministry of Finance and issued by Companies Commission of Malaysia.

2. Acts governs Trust Companies:
Trust Companies Act 1949
Companies Act 1965
Trustee Act 1949
Financial Services Act 2013
Personal Data Protection Act 2010
Anti - Money Laundering and Anti - terrorism Financial Act 2001
Will Act 1959
Probate and Administration Act 1959

3. GATB Cash Trust is a legal document created specifically to hold CASH for the benefits of beneficiaries and enjoy specific legal protection.

4. If unfortunately demise or incapacitated or insolvency happened, GATB Cash Trust cannot and will not be frozen. You and your family still access your money. Because it is a sum of CASH placed “ Outside of the System “

5. For Cash amount exceed RM1.5 millions, Free family trust will be given.

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