The Importance of Building Maintenance

A commercial property is more than just a building or a piece of land; it is a capital investment with the potential to generate profits for years to come. The type of building, the location of the building, and the general quality and appearance of the construction all play a role in determining the amount of income a commercial property may produce. Although you might not always be able to monitor the location of a building or its actual design, you can definitely control its condition and appearance.

Routine building maintenance performed by a qualified and knowledgeable facility maintenance provider is a quick and cost-effective way to safeguard your valuable investment and lock in its earning potential for years to come. Routine exterior and interior commercial cleaning and maintenance is about ensuring that your commercial property is well-maintained and free of destruction, costly issues, and the need for frequent repairs.

Find the following examples to see how useful regular building maintenance is:

1. The cost of emergency repairs is higher than the cost of regular maintenance.

You would pay more if you call a contractor or building repair service professional to repair an issue that already occurs rather than if the problem was found and resolved before it became an emergency situation. Even leaks are normally inexpensive to repair if discovered early on; but, once structural components have been damaged by water, the repair becomes much more expensive.

2. Routine maintenance reduces the risk of liability.

Damaged structures, walkways, parking lots, and even poorly maintained grounds all increase the liability if anyone is injured as a result of the damage. Buildings that are well-maintained are often less likely to be vandalized, especially if the grounds are well-kept, security lighting is installed, and the general perception of the building is that it is being actively maintained.

3. It’s difficult to budget for emergencies, but it’s simple to budget for routine maintenance.

You can’t predict when the next major weather incident or emergency will occur, but a well-maintained building will be damaged less than one that has already been damaged. Although you can have an emergency repair fund, a regular commercial maintenance program allows you to prepare for all of your maintenance needs effectively and correctly.

4. A well-maintained building expresses a good image of your business.

It’s almost difficult to change first thoughts. When a customer walks into your commercial property, they form an immediate impression of your management, professionalism, and overall attitude toward your business. A building that presents well and is being cared for sends a very positive message about all three characteristics while a dirty, old or run down looking building can trigger a very negative first impression.

Last but not least, a commercial property should be seen as a long-term investment that will continue to generate substantial profits. Maintaining this source of income is both financially and practically sound.

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