How Can a Foreign Worker in Malaysia Obtain a Work Permit?

Foreign Worker Quota & Work Permit Approval

Before start working in Malaysia, all foreign workers must obtain a valid work permit. Application for a foreign worker quota is the first step in the process of obtaining a valid work permit in Malaysia. To begin with, the employer must first getting the approval from Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia before they can start recruiting any foreign manpower.

Following the submission of the application, the employer will be interviewed about the reasons and needs to recruit foreign worker. Once the interview session was done, The employer should getting ready to prepare the following documents :

  • The application form for the foreign worker quota,
  • Document or relevant proof to the running business,
  • Receipt for the levy,
  • Original payment form,
  • And any additional documents that will require based on the sector or industry involved.

Along with the submission of the foreign worker application, the employment contract with the accompanying revenue stamp, the DP 10 application form, any regulatory compliance documents or certificates, and expatriate income tax receipts will also be required by the employer. Next, the employer should expect payment per headcount for each application. The precise sum will be determined by the industry.

Foreign Worker Application in Malaysia

The approval of immigrant status can be required based on the condition. However, one thing that employers should keep in mind is that not all foreign workers are eligible to work in Malaysia. Despite of that, employer may be allowed to recruit foreigners for specific roles on occasion. These involve roles that require highly qualified workers or leading administrative positions that may not be filled by local employees.

Following the completion of the foreign worker quota approval and expatriate verification, the next step is to apply for an Employment Pass. The employer needs to apply to the Immigration Department of Malaysia to clarify why a foreigner rather than a Malaysian is needed to fill the job vacancy. The employer may then issue an employment pass to the prospective employee, enabling the foreign employee to fill the necessary job in the business. The employee would usually be examined for this purpose.

Fomema Malaysia

Subsequently, the medical examination is required for all the foreign employees who apply for the work permit. They are usually required to go through a medical examination before leaving their home country. Before a foreigner may enter Malaysia, the medical centres that provide the medical screening must be licenced and approved by FOMEMA Malaysia.

It is possible that organisation needs an Employment Pass for some of its international employees. Engage with a foreign manpower recruiting firm that is always eager to partner with those in need of a foreigner work permit in Malaysia. You will always have our assurance that once the process is completed, you will have legally obtained an Employment Pass, which will enable foreign workers to work in Malaysia.

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