Types of challenges faced by the Manpower Agency Malaysia To Recruit Female and Male Workers.

The current pandemic situation had led to an extremely negative implication in terms of gathering and recruiting foreign workers. Due to the closure of the border, Malaysia has a restriction of allowing the entry of workers. Hence, to ensure a balanced economy, the government has manufacturing sector still goes on and hiring factory workers have become one of the largest challenges. Therefore, there were various methods that a manpower supply agency implemented in order to ensure that the local workers are interested and attracted to work in the manufacturing sector. One of the approaches is to when manpower agency Malaysia works towards achieving a decent recruitment strategy, by focusing on male and female in terms of an interview. However, according to the manpower agency, there are several challenges faced by the Malaysian Manpower Agency to recruit males and females.

Challenges Faced by A Malaysian Manpower Agency To Recruit Females And Males Workers :

Recruiting Female Workers

For female candidates, the job scope varies hence they have a different approach when it comes to interviewing females. Ladies are most likely to only be comfortable with a standardized working duration as they usually mention the importance of needing to look after their household and needed time to balance out between their home and job.

Female workers are usually not comfortable with working for heavy lifting and hard jobs. Therefore, a manpower supply agency should be smart in placing the right candidate based on the factories and industries of their interests. This would be a motivational factor for them to go to work every day. The element of freedom of choice may be one of the factors that would get them interested in their work.

Recruiting Male Workers

In the interview session, male candidates are usually asked questions such as if they are okay with lifting heavily loaded items. As they are mostly required to work with more machinery and lifting heavy packages. Therefore, these are some of the challenges that are faced by recruiters. Simply because certain individuals are not interested in working a physically oriented job. However, it is important to put the structured strategy and approach during the interview session to ensure that workers are convinced to work under the care of the manpower agency. One important matter is to ensure that no forcing or manipulating them into the job.

Factories commonly highlight the importance of having their workers work 12 hours a day. However, currently, the local workers do not agree with these working hours, therefore it makes it harder to recruit them. The implication of this reaction ended up in having a lower number of foreign workers.

Last but not least, above are the challenges faced by a recruitment agency in hiring workers. An important element that’s needed to be focused on is, in order to not result in a huge turnover rate in the factories. Therefore, posing a possible solution to these factors may enhance better business operations.

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